Erase by J Y Barris (Online Pay Per Chapter)

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Madness. Absolutely incredible.

"This book is outside any boundary of my imagination. such a well-constructed psychological thriller! It exceeded my expectations so so much." - Lilly Charysma of @Lillysbooks


5 out of 5 rating on Amazon!


Dark, exciting, poignant, Erase is a disturbingly aspiring psychological thriller that will make you rethink human nature and question morality. It is a tale that will surprise you, grip you, and haunt you in your sleep.


The Story:

Allison Skala’s world was turned upside down in the thirty days following the death of her sister-in-law, Megan. Battling insomnia aside, she was in the middle of mending her marriage when she discovered secrets her parents had so determinedly kept hidden from her. All in due time, another tragedy that happened incidentally intertwined her life with that of Detective Martin Blake. Both dealing with loss, sorrow, and a traumatic past, would they find salvation in the end?


Erase by J Y Barris (Online Pay Per Chapter)

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